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TWICE’s Jihyo Posts Letter Apologizing For Recent Comment & Explains her feelings

On the morning of January 7 KST, TWICE’s Jihyo posted a letter to ONCE explaining her recent comment during a V Live chat. The comment was in response to a question about why she was absent at times during the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards, and her choice of words (oong-aeng-oong, specifically) elicited criticism from some netizens.

During the chat, she said, “I’m saying this because attention seekers keep [crying about it/saying nonsense] (웅앵웅), but I wasn’t feeling well. You must have been having fun because there was something to pick on, but I’m sorry. I just couldn’t do anything about not feeling well.”

웅앵웅 is part of a Korean expression that first started on Twitter when a user was saying that something in a film was unintelligible, or sounded like nonsense. It has since been adapted by radical feminists in Korea as a term for belittling men. Rapper San E also used the phrase as the title of a diss track.

In a letter to ONCE, posted on TWICE’s official fan cafe, Jihyo apologized for what she said and explained that she has been having a hard time since early last year.

Sources: and naver via soompi | @TWICE_GLOBAL | @KnetTranslate 1 2 3 4

i don't know a lot about the 웅앵웅 thing so forgive me
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