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JYP Entertainment Files For Restraining Order + Presses Charges Against TWICE’s Nayeon’s Stalker

JYP Entertainment has taken legal action against a man who has been stalking TWICE’s Nayeon.

The agency released the following statement on January 8:


This is JYP Entertainment.

On [January] 8, we filed criminal charges to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station against the stalker of TWICE member Nayeon for Interference with Business (Criminal Act Article 314).

Furthermore, we also filed for a restraining order to the Seoul Central District Court on [January] 7.

Previously, the stalker who attempted to approach Nayeon continuously was warned under police order several times already to not approach her. However, the stalker continuously took actions that ignored [the warnings], and he boarded the plane on [January] 1 on the flight back after carrying out activities abroad, attempted to approach Nayeon again, and caused a major disturbance on board.

Along with the measures mentioned above, we will continue to take all possible strict measures to ensure the safety of our artist."

Sources: Soompi, naver
Tags: crime, jyp entertainment, twice
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