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PENTAGON Kino raises awareness for the Australian fires

Hello, this is Kino.

Right now, due to the most severe drought since 1965, hot and dry weather, and strong winds, there are immense bushfires that are not being easily contained.

The affected area is over 100 times that of the size of Seoul. Due to bushfires that have persisted for six months, in addition to the damage to nature and lives affected, over half a billion animals and insects have died. Koalas particularly, move slowly, and are unable to escape the fires as quickly as others, and it’s reported that over 40 percent of them have died. My heart hearts so much.. Thousands of firefighters, reservists, and volunteers are working together to contain the fires. I’d like it if we contributed to help the animals and people of Australia.

Many people around the world are doing the same.

You can donate to Wires, WWF, RSPCA to help the koalas and other affected animals.

To aid with relief efforts in affected areas, you can donate to The Salvation Army, Australian Red Cross, Vinnies, Foodbank, and many more organizations. You can also donate through Naver Happy Bean.

Please tell the people around you, and it would be great if you would sincerely pray [for Australia]. Send some love with me to the animals and people of Australia who are in pain. Thank you.

These photos are from News Corp Australia.

SOURCE: PENTAGON on Instagram | Translation from Soompi

It's Kino's birthday on the 27th and some of his fans are already actively making campaigns to donate to the institutions who can help out with what's happening in Australia right now. I myself have already decided that instead of buying all versions of Map of the Soul, I'll just buy 1 version and donate.
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