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MBK and fans campaign for X1 to form a new group + Hangyul/Dohyon VLive reaches 260 million likes

Nam Do Hyon posted on Twitter to thank X1’s fans.

Following the “Produce 101” series vote manipulation controversy, the “Produce X 101” group X1 disbanded on January 6 after a vote by heads of the members’ agencies. Dispatch recently reported that four of the nine agencies voted to disband the group, and the vote had to be unanimous.

After the disbandment, many fans have been calling for the agencies to consider reforming the group in full. Others have asked them to create a unit with the members who did not wish to disband.

A fan group called WingsForX1 has launched a campaign in which two trucks with an LED sign (paid for by fans’ donations) show a video message outside the individual agencies in turn. The message includes a list of X1’s achievements and the fan group’s demand for the group to be reformed with all 11 members, under a new name.

WingsforX1 has shared their statement in English as, “We, fans of X1 from 123 countries, demand the resumption of X1 activities under a new name. Rebrand the project group, free the 11 members from ‘Produce’ stigma. CJ ENM has fully taken responsibility for the mistakes of the ‘Produce’ series. X1 members are declared innocent by the courts. CJ ENM has stated they would not take profits from the group nor prevent them from promoting. This is the golden time to resume X1’s activities.”

The fan group goes on to state that the nine agencies have the power to decide the future of the members. They ask them to take into consideration the achievements they accomplished even during the controversy, and the fans state that X1 must come back. “We urge you to reconsider for the honor and prosperity of your company,” the statement ends.

On January 9, Nam Do Hyon shared a video of the truck displaying the message. He wrote, “Thank you, ONE IT” in the caption.

The video includes a letter signed by Nam Do Hyon, with X1’s song “I’m Here for You” playing over it. It reads:

"I was so surprised and touched when I came to the agency today. I once again realized how much love we’ve received while watching the video on the vehicle that ONE IT sent. Thank you so much to the ONE ITs who love X1. I think I’ll never be able to forget. Thank you for your deep love. I love you."

On January 11, Nam Do Hyon and Lee Han Gyul held a V Live broadcast to chat with their fans.

At the beginning of the broadcast, the two idols promised to hold a fan meeting if they surpassed 100 million “hearts.” When they reached that goal, they said, “We plan to meet with fans as soon as possible. If you are patient and build up your anticipation, we will meet you soon with good performances.”

Nam Do Hyon and Lee Han Gyul also shared what they have been doing in their free time. Even before it was announced that X1 was disbanding, X1 and IZ*ONE had been on an extended hiatus following the controversy over the “Produce” series.

Lee Han Gyul said, “I met with my family, talked over many things with my friends, tried new things, and generally took a rest in my hometown. I also received treatment regularly for my ankle and it has grown stronger, so please don’t worry.”

Nam Do Hyon said, “I don’t play video games, so I needed a new hobby. Ever since I was young, I liked to make songs for fun, so I worked a lot on music [during the break]. I learned a lot. I really wanted to show everyone a song that I wrote myself.

Lee Han Gyul also shared that they were still in regular contact with the X1 members. He said, “We may have officially disbanded, but we often contact each other. I am saying this because there may be people who are curious. We keep in regular contact and work hard, and if there is ever news that we can give to fans, we will tell you right away.

They also thanked their fans for waiting patiently for them during their hiatus. Lee Han Gyul said, “Thank you for cheering us on without fail. We were able to work harder because of your support.” He later added, “It would have been really hard without the people who cheered us on. I think that it’s all due to the fans that we were able to come this far.”

Nam Do Hyon said, “We were really lucky. It was a really great opportunity. It was an amazing opportunity. It was such an amazing opportunity to stand in the Gocheok Sky Dome. Because so many fans cheered us on, I was able to have fun and do well.”

The two idols also promised to hold a fan concert if they surpassed 200 million hearts and soon reached the milestone as well.

[Some highlights of the VLive]

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For real, Dohyon uploaded the video of the fan truck on MBK's twitter account, and during their VLIVE, they had balloons saying "X1 + OneIts Forever 2020". I think we can assume MBK didn't vote for disbandment. lol

1mio views and 262mio hearts. Their fans be spending thousands and thousands on adtrucks, ads at incheon airport, in subways or at COEX mall when all that money could have gone to buying their next album but yeah, we're here instead./i>
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