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Jung Yong Hwa thought his manager was a stalker

We kpop fans have heard some interesting “idol discovery stories” in the past, from Lee Hyori, who was discovered through a purikura photo, to 2PM’s Nichkhun, who was scouted at the Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles a few years ago, then pursued by said scout and forced to audition in a public cafe. Apparently, CNBLUE leader Jung Yong Hwa went through a pretty interesting scouting process himself as well.

On January 27, GOMTV will reveal Making the Artist – CNBLUE, which will reveal how the four members of this rookie group were chosen for the band.

It was revealed that, prior to being put into CNBLUE, Jung Yong Hwa discovered online photos of himself at a ski resort, taken by a stalker and uploaded onto an ulzzang cafe. Soon after, someone at school told him that a sachon noona (older female cousin) was trying to contact him. Since he didn’t have such a cousin, Jung Yong Hwa assumed that the person was a stalker and ignored her visit to the school.

A while later, Jung Yong Hwa bumped into his casting manager and discovered that she had been the one trying to contact him at school about CNBLUE. To make things worse, Jung had accidentally mixed up his manager’s number and ignored her calls. Luckily, the two cleared up the confusion during their chance encounter and immediately began preparing for Jung’s debut soon after.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know who posted those shots of Jung on the ulzzang cafe, but since his face is plastered everywhere now with CNBLUE’s debut, I guess it doesn’t make a huge difference.

Making the Artist – CNBLUE will show how the other members got cast as well. Keep your eyes locked on allkpop for this upcoming episode!

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