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Q&A with Taeyeon

Some questions:

  • Favorite Song on the album? - "Dear Me" (Title track)

  • What did Taeyeon do for Christmas? - Ate delicious dishes

  • What is Taeyeon's Purpose (album title) in life? - Stability

  • What does Zero (her dog) mean to Taeyeon? - "My best frien who I'm thankful for and who goes jogging with me."

  • An episode while you were preparing the album? - "Because this song is what I want to tell myself, so I felt a bit sad when recording it."

  • What is Taeyeon's masterpiece (favorite song of hers) to Taeyeon? - "I"

  • What is music to Taeyeon? - "I'm married to music."

  • Method of dealing with stress? - Driving freely without a fixed destination

  • Musical instrument she wants to learn? - Harp and Gayageum

  • How satisfied is Taeyeon with this album? - About 90%

  • Reasons why we should listen to this album? - "These songs are what I want to say to myself. I think they help me reach the destination completely. It completes "Purpose"."

source: CrystalJo youtube
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