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victoria and heechul give a poweful performance

Rock Band TRAX has released the music video for 'Cold Man' on the 26th.

In Januaray, the music video that was filmed at Jaebudo and Gyunggi showed Kim Heechul and Victoria's touching performance after having a break up.

Particularly, Heechul and Victoria's crying scene in the 45sec. MV teaser, has gotten alot of interest.

Kim Heechul gave the project team ideas of how to shoot the music video and kept on re-recording the scenes until he was satisfied with his acting. He has shown his dedication by dying his hair black for the music video.

Victoria has gotten a round of appluads from the staff by shedding tears right on the director's cue.

On the other side, TRAX has had their first performance playing this song on KBS2 'Music Bank' and MBC 'Show! Music Core!' on the 22th and the 23rd.

original source
translated by sugarcookie @ afx

Sounds like Heechul put a lot of work into this. :) I love his love for TRAX.
Tags: f(x), music video, super junior, trax
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