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BTS to perform? with Lil' Nas at the Grammys, announce MOTS tour dates

Variety reported that BTS will join Lil' Nas onstage at the Grammys this Sunday, along with Billy Ray Cyrus and Diplo. Big Hit hasn't confirmed the news.

Also, after a series of signs were spotted in the USA and Canada the night before,  the Map of the Soul tourdates were released.

Debut date location is still unknown.

Oh and they met Ariana Grande.

Any tourdates you're going to, omona? I just booked a trip to Dallas because as always they ignored Latin America, now I need tips on how to get VIP tickets 😅 Also, unless it's just RM onstage with Lil' Nas, it's gonna be incredibly awkward to see the whole seven of them there singing Old Town Road lol

Source: Variety Twitter, Big Hit Twitter



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