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F.Cuz Star News Special interview

Meet the new male group F.CUZ. With their heart-pounding charisma and lively lyrics of their debut song 'Jiggy', F.CUZ is making all their listeners joyful. Amidst the competition that has started between the new idol groups since the beginning of the year, F.CUZ has been appealing to the fans with a kind of charm different from the masculine ZE:A and new idol band CNBLUE. So exactly what kind of idols are the F.CUZ members?

We met JinOn, LeeU, Kan and YeJun from F.CUZ, and listened to stories about them.

JinOn in the eyes of LeeU

"JinOnnie-hyung has strong leadership and the ability to lead. He's a hyung I can trust. His shortcoming? He's too outstanding in every area so it seems like he has nothing of that sort. The fact that he can control me already tells you he's awesome. (laughs)"

JinOn in the eyes of Kan

"Like a beastly lion, he's a person who can captivate you right away. Other times, he's like a clown who knows how to amuse us. JinOnnie-hyung is charming like you see. I think it's difficult to find fault in him."

JinOn in the eyes of YeJun

"JinOnnie-hyung is very manly and has a strong sense of responsibility. He treats his dongsaengs kindly and he knows how to lead them well. But because he's too soft-hearted, he's unable to deal with them harshly. As a leader, this might become a weakness right?"

JinOn's Role Model

"I graduated from the AhnYang School of Art. I am a junior of Rain-sunbaenim. I am very interested in being a singer, but I also have desire for acting. With respect to this, I want to be like Rain-sunbaenim. He's actively carrying out activities in all directions right? I will try to become a person who is outstanding in all areas of acting, singing and dancing."

LeeU in the eyes of JinOn

"LeeU has a lively and sociable personality. Out of all the members, I also had the best first impression of him. He's very optimistic and positive, and he gets through everything very easily. He also doesn't hold grudges. But it would be good if he can correct his laziness. In the past when we were leaving our dormitory, he would take 30 minutes just to prepare for it. Even though he has improved a lot now."

LeeU in the eyes of Kan

"He's really cheerful and takes good care of his dongsaengs. Even though he's the older brother, he's not bossy and he treats me comfortably like a friend. But it would be good if he can tidy up a little better."

LeeU in the eyes of YeJun

"If JinOnnie-hyung is exactly like an oldest brother, LeeU-hyung's style is to support from the back. This can be another different form of leadership, right? He speaks (to me) more like a friend than a hyung. As for his shortcoming, I guess that would be his occasional behavior of making dangerous and peculiar remarks alone, and in turn making the members worried."

LeeU's Role Model is...

"My role model is my father. It's amazing how he has immersed himself and spent such a long period of time in the harsh entertainment circle. But he has been in the top position throughout this time, and that is something really respectable. I have witnessed a lot of his difficult and tired times ever since I was young. And now, he has even reached a high status which everyone would agree on. He came to show support at our debut performance and we received good comments from him."

Kan in the eyes of JinOn

"Kan tidies up well and I can never see a dirty spot. Thanks to him, our dormitory is clean. He has a masculine appearance but he's very sensitive. However, due to his overly sensitive personality, he's also a little conservative. He does not like to deviate from his own standards."

Kan in the eyes of LeeU

"Kan is surprisingly effeminate. It's to the extent whereby he personally trims his eyebrows. He has thorough self-discipline and he's able to manage his image well. But he's too thorough in managing himself, and so it seems like other people may sense a social distance when they see him. He doesn't laugh a lot too."

Kan in the eyes of YeJun

"He has been so giving towards me that I feel sorry. He's an especially understanding, considerate and accommodating friend. As a result, I am distressed when I see that he's not taking care of himself well."

Kan's Role Model is...

"Rain-sunbaenim is the reason why I became a singer. When I was young, my family nurtured me to become an actor. And so I continuously took acting lessons, but I dreamed of becoming a singer after seeing Rain-sunbaenim. I was admitted to AhnYang School of Art and entered the dance team. Then I found out that this was a dance team created by Rain-sunbaenim. I also met JinOnnie-hyung from there."

YeJun in the eyes of JinOn

"YeJun is the mascot in our team. YeJun's smile can be known as his biggest strength. As for his shortcoming, that would be his persistant sharp tongue. Even to our president, YeJun would express his own opinion without hesitation. But it's not without proper manners. He would speak up for us in issues that we find difficult and unable to say."

YeJun in the eyes of LeeU

"YeJunnie is very much like a maknae. He is the most feminine member in the group. We resemble each other very much in terms of the way we speak and also our lively personalities. However, he's good at making sharp (biting) remarks sometimes and so that hurts the people around him. But something about YeJun makes me feel that his sharp tongue is like one of a bad-mouth granny. Even if I heard it, I would be in a good mood and be able to laugh."

YeJun in the eyes of Kan

"Even though we are friends, he has many aegyo. It's very good that he's cute and kind-hearted. But it would be better if he can fix his careless personality. He would always ask me where his item is even though it's right in front of him."

YeJun's Role Model is...

"I like Michael Jackson. He's a legendary presence in the music scene all around the world. There are many learnings points about him in many areas too, not just in music. He was directly involved in the planning of his stage performances, and he personally processed and tended to many things revolving his own work. I want to be like him in these aspects. My dream is to receive recognition as a capable singer by the public, much like Michael Jackson."

Sources: Star News - 1, 2, 3, 4
Translation: sOpHiA@FCuzed - 1, 2, 3, 4

Long article is long. But these boys... ♥
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