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Seventeen play Seventeen Superlatives

Seventeen the k-pop group swung by Seventeen the magazine and things got confusing...but fun! We split the boys into two groups to play a game of Superlatives. First up is Vernon, Hoshi, Jun, Mingyu, Seungkwan, and Woozi. They revealed SO much about their bandmates, like who's the biggest flirt, who's most likely to embarrass themselves, and so much more. The superlative the group gave to Hoshi will not surprise ANY Seventeen fan.

Seventeen the k-pop group came to Seventeen the magazine for a second round of Superlatives! This time, we asked Joshua, Jeonghan, Wonwoo, The8, DK, and Dino, to spill all the juiciest secrets about their bandmates. They revealed everything, from who's the most likely to embarrass themselves, who is the best looking, and so much more.

source: Seventeen 1 2
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