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Nayeon's stalker leaks Chayoung's phone number, she goes off on Insta, JYPE to take legal action

JYP Entertainment has released a statement regarding TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s phone number getting leaked and spread online.

On January 26, Chaeyoung took to TWICE’s Instagram account and opened up about her phone number being leaked by an individual, leading to her phone being flooded by text messages and calls from strangers. She spoke about this being an issue that her fellow TWICE members and other idols under JYP Entertainment face as well, and stated that her intent was to make sure people knew such invasions of personal privacy was wrong.

JYP Entertainment has now released a statement on the matter, and it reads as follows:

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We have confirmed that TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s personal information (phone number) was leaked online and is currently being spread, and as a result, Chaeyoung is being contacted by people who have obtained her number.

Illegally leaking, acquiring, and spreading personal information in such a way, as well as contacting the person whose information was leaked, is a violation of the Personal Information Protection Act and may be subject to legal action.

We have confirmed and collected exact evidence of the personal information being posted on social media, and instances of consistent attempts to contact Chaeyoung. Regarding this, we wish to notify you that we will be taking immediate action and filing a complaint against the person who posted the information on social media on the basis of a violation of the Personal Information Protection Act.

The illegal leaking and sharing of personal information is causing great suffering and discomfort to our artists. In order to stop this, our agency will continue to collect evidence of such cases and we will do everything we can to take action against them.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung candidly opened up about her phone number being leaked and had stern words for those involved in the situation.

On January 26, Chaeyoung took to TWICE’s official Instagram account to share her thoughts in the following post:

I think I’ve reached my limit of silently waiting for people to step back and waiting for the right time.

The moment those 11 seemingly random numbers were posted on the internet by an individual with no consideration or respect, my phone was flooded with calls and text messages, and I am going through things I shouldn’t have to go through. These problems not only happen to me, but to my precious members, and many other idols in our agency.

I ask for you to think, even just for a moment, about how your calls and actions, which you don’t put much thought into other than to package them and say that it’s interest and love, make so many people feel fatigued, nervous, and worn out.

And don’t let your neat little packaging bring a bad name to the fans who send their interest, support, and love to us in the right, healthy way.

I am not a person who is easily shaken by issues like this. I am not writing this because I am unable to hold back my anger. I just wanted to make sure that I properly got across that this wrong. That this is something to be ashamed of.


sources: soompi 1, 2, fans.jype, naver, twicetagram

So what happened is that Nayeon's stalker posted Chaeyoung's phone number on his public Twitter account (so people can message and tell her that he wants to talk to Nayeon). Fans reported the tweet and it got deleted but of course, the damage is done. After JYPE threatened legal action and Chaeyoung's Instagram post he announced that he's sorry and will go back to Germany asap (but also asked Chaeyoung to delete the post because her fans are attacking him...).
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