babyjenkski (babyjenkski) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

WINNER dances to "TALA" in their CROSS Tour Manila

SOURCE: Korean Krungy on YouTube | Dara's Instagram

A little background on this..."TALA" was released by Filipino singer Sarah Geronimo (a recipient of MAMA Best Asian Artist award a few years back) in 2016 but became a really popular dance craze in the Philippines late last year. WINNER was here in the Philippines last Saturday for their CROSS Tour and their fans were really touched as the group took time to learn this and showed it to their fans! I'm soooo jelous! I want my faves to do this too! And of course Dara did her version too. She's almost always present in all YG concert here in the Philippines and she's also friends with Sarah Geronimo.
Tags: concert, sandara park, winner
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