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music broadcasting shows delighted with return of popular idols (snsd)

SNSD's return is obviously good news for the music programs, given that the ratings have been down since the activities of the more popular idol groups were significantly reduced.

SBS production management said, "Idol groups decorate the stages with their outfits and dances, and thus we will match the lighting and stage sets with the color of SNSD as well."

The ratings of the music programs will rise by as much as 4-5% with popular idol groups such as 2PM, Wonder girls, Big-Bang, Super Junior, 2NE1, Kara, After School, etc. Music programs were really popular when theses idol groups were active last November.

In the case of SBS's "Inkigayo", the highest rating of 12.2% (per TNS Media) on Nov 15th was achieved when Tae-yang of Big bang and 2PM had a return stage and SHINee and Brown Eyed Girls appeared.

However, the Broadcasting ratings dropped significantly in January, since popular idol groups went on vacation one by one to prepare for their next albums.

The producers of MBC Music Center said, "It is true that we feel sorry for the lower level of activities by the idol groups of high popularity. We expect that the situation will improve for this month as SNSD returns to the stage and other popular groups successively come back."

translated by seohyun_is_best @ ssf
translation somewhat edited by me

Wow 4-5% is a pretty significant rise/drop.

Thanks to whichever mod gave me the donga link! :)
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