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It should have been you - January 2020 [Omona exclusive]

Sometimes execs and labels just fuck it up and pick the wrong song to promote a debut/comeback.
And it's up to us to find those hidden gems, that might otherwise be burried under countless songs.
Every month I'll try to look back on girl group and female soloist release (I don't have time to waste on boys) and try to find out the song that should have been "IT" but was overlooked.

What's my expertise on this?
None whatsoever.
It's just fun & games but to paraphrase the great Eugene Lee Yang

"I'm right, you're wrong, shut up, discuss in the comments".

Taeyeon - "Here I am" (Purpose - the 2nd album repackage)

I don't need to explain myself.
"Here I am" has that Disney heroine theme song vibe that no one can resist. "Into the unknown" who?
But honestly the whole album is amazing. "LOL" deserves an honorable mention for being sexy as hell.

Younha - "26" (Unstable Mindset)

Objectively "Winter Flower" is the most bankable song because "BTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", but 26 is fresh and fun.
It has that uplifting vibe that'll get you out of bed even during the gloomiest winter days.

Dream Note - "Bittersweet" (Dream Wish)

"Wish" is a goddam mess of a (admittedly fun) song, but thankfully "Bittersweet" makes up for it with a more cohesive sound.

source: Zaty Farhani 1, 2, JULY EGG, DreamNote
Tags: !omona exclusive, music, nugu, singer, taeyeon

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