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INFINITE Sunggyu talks Ji Chang Wook+Kang Ha Neul &says Kang popped pimples/cleaned ears in military

-Says that it was awkward at first approaching them as fellow soldiers and not as juniors or seniors.

-When asked if Kang is as nice as his reputation proceeds him, he said:

-“What I found was that Ha Neul is really like that,” he shared. “He really takes good care of other people. He’d even clean out the ears of his fellow soldiers.” When the hosts expressed their shock, Sunggyu agreed, “It’s not an easy thing to do.”

-In TMI News: “It’s because we’re family, He’d clean the others’ ears like a mother. Also, if someone got a pimple, he’d pop it for them.”

Sources: Soompi By Way Of: Naver
Tags: infinite, interview

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