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Kang Ha Neul On Traveler w/ Ong Seong Wu/Ahn Jae Hong & What He’d Be If He Weren't an Actor & etc.

-Said working on “When the Camellia Blooms" was a meaningful experience for him and it was always a fun and happy set to work on

-“Rather than a hobby, I see it as a way to improve myself. I started yoga to become more flexible for muay thai, but the more I do it, I think it’s making me more calm and positive.”

-On Traveler/Going to Argentina: “The people and the nature there were all incredible. Especially when we saw the Iguazu Falls, the three of us were speechless, and all we could do was laugh. I was an amazing sight, almost ridiculously so.”

-Prefers watching documentaries (nature/traveling ones) over films

-"Talking about his reputation for being a very positive and bright person, he said, “It’s not that I particularly try to be that way, but I really don’t like to be stressed. I want to always have fun and be happy. I believe that a good person acts as they want, but doesn’t negatively affect others and can give good energy to those around them. If I become that way, it should become apparent in my acting as well, right?”

Also can't locate where this pic came from but bonus yoga pose:





-“They were actors and then when they had me, it became difficult to make ends meet, so they stopped,” he explained. “Their friends continued to act in plays so I went to the theater a lot as a kid. I’d meet my parents’ friends in the dressing rooms. So I feel really comfortable here.”

-“I asked them once why they hadn’t, and they said that they assumed that I’d quit after doing it for a while. They wanted me to give it a shot since it seemed like I’d quit once it didn’t work out.”

-Apparently quite popular in high school and his father said in the clip that he still has Valentine Day's Candy stored (This was in 2007!) so he probably doesn't have them now lol.

-“I think this is the first time I’ve talked about this, but my family likes to have fun. We all go to karaoke together. My uncle watched my father and I sing together at karaoke once, and then he put our names in for the show without us knowing. We had no idea.”

-"During this interview, Kang Ha Neul answered a question, "What kind of actor do you consider yourself as?"

-"Well, I'm not very good-looking nor very tall."

-"I want people to think me as just an ordinary actor, but who always works hard."

Sources: Soompi 1 By Way Of: Naver 1 I Twitter: @choiminfho I Instagram: @0317kjy Soompi 2 I By Way Of: Naver 2 I Twitter: @Jae_Y8n I Twitter: @SBS_Star I By Way Of: SBS Co.Kr
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