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PD Jung Chul Min is leaving SBS’s “Running Man” + Explains His Decision To Step Down

After 10 years on the show, PD (producing director) Jung Chul Min is leaving SBS’s “Running Man.”

SBS released a statement on February 5 announcing his departure, saying, “Jung Chul Min is stepping down from his role of producer on ‘Running Man.’ Henceforth, the new PD will be Choi Bo Pil.”

The statement further clarified that he is stepping down in order to take a break. His last filming will be on February 18.

Jung Chul Min has been a PD with “Running Man” since its premiere back in the summer of 2010, while in 2016 he was joined by Lee Hwan Jin and Park Yong Woo to form a three-man production team.

While it is sad to see Jung Chul Min go, the future of “Running Man” is in good hands. Choi Bo Pil has previously worked on other hit variety shows such as “Healing Camp” and “Fantastic Duo.”

Update February 5:

Producing director Jung Chul Min has opened up about his decision to step down from SBS’s “Running Man.”

In an interview with OSEN, Jung Chul Min stated, “I’ve been a producing director for about 11 years now, and seven of those years I’ve spent working continuously on ‘Running Man.’ I have had thoughts of trying out different kinds of work. Additionally, my health isn’t that great, and my knee is in bad shape.”

“It’s not easy coming up with new items and ideas every week,”
he continued. “I had strongly requested the chance to take a break from the show and receive some new input.”

On the topic of his successor, Choi Bo Pil, Jung Chul Min said, “Since [Choi Bo Pil] has worked as an assistant director on ‘Running Man’ for a long time, he knows the cast very well, and he has a good relationship with all of them. I think he will be able to breathe new life into the show and amp up anticipation for it.”

Over the 10 years that Jung Chul Min has been the producing director on the show, “Running Man” has received critical acclaim both in Korea and overseas.

Sources: Soompi, Naver, Naver, Naver
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