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Big Hit's 1st Corporate Briefing: more BTS content, TXT world tour, new boy/girl groups to come

BH Entertainment held its first 2020 corporate "meeting" in Seoul, that ended up being just an uploaded video recording in the midst of coronavirus outbreaks in SK.


Some BH highlights:

-BH almost doubled its revenue with 587.9 billion won ($495.2 million USD) partly because of the acquisition and partneriship with other labels and the diversification of the company with Big Hit Three Sixty for concerts, album distribution, partnerships, media content, beNX for digital platforms and ecommerce and Big Hit IP for customer service.

-Will debut a g-group in 2021 (along with Source Music) and another boyband in 2022.

-They are working on a "Big Hit Winning Formula" to recreate past successes and where artists will "happily pursue their dreams and nurture talent", with fans being a key part of said formula.

-Bang PD remains ugly af.


-BTS last three Seoul concerts brought 187,000 visitors to South Korea, adding 100 billion won in economic value.
-Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour reached 2.06 million fans in Asia, Europe, North and South America the USA and Brazil.
-Lots of things coming based on the Bangtan Universe: a k-drama, The Notes pt 2, more content on the HYYH storyline.
-Launch of a "Learn Korean with BTS" tool for international fans.
-A Tour Village will be kind of a festival with popup stores, BTS-themed hotel, exhibits and local tours, not clear if that will take place during this upcoming tour.

Getting ready before enlistment, apparently...

Other bands
-TXT will have a new album and world tour this year
-GFriend new album was released, they haven't met Bang PD yet...
-Seventeen is now on Weverse

Sources: KPop Herald Twitter 1, 2 and webiste, Forbes website

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