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EXID's Solji terminates contract with Banana Culture

News hit today that Solji terminated her exclusive contract with Banana Culture, only weeks after Hyerin also terminated hers. Banana Culture then released a statement that the contract is not terminated, but will only expire in June 2020. Afterwards, Solji wrote on her IG that she is leaving. She (like the other members) thanked Banana Culture and didn't say anything negative but reporters are speculating that Banana Culture didn't hold their promise to give them activities.

(BTW, EXID are still continuing their group activities with all five members in Japan till June 2020.)

source: theseoulstory 2

Seems like Jeonghwa and Hani jumped ship first, while Hyerin, Solji and LE signed a new short contract to give Banana Culture one last chance. Fans saw in the last month that things were not working, the girls had to organize stuff themselves because BC's staff jumped ship as well. I wonder if LE will leave soon as well? I'm also feeling sorry for the female trainees under BC...last year, a debut seemed so near and now, it's dead silence. BC seems to be in a bad financial situation.
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