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2AM “We want to become musician-like idols"

Four member boyband 2AM has made a comeback with their mini album titled "Won't Let You Go Even if I Die." They have shown their comedic side in 2009 by starring in various variety shows but they show a different, sophisticated side of them onstage when they perform their tear-jerking songs. In only two days of the song's release, they have swept the music and mobile charts and also earned the nickname "All-Kill Singers."

The content of 2AM's new album differs from the others. They have moved past their producer JYP's music style and met with producer Bang Shi Hyuk to explore new music.

Prior to this, 2AM's leader Jo Kwon said "Even though the song's not produced by JYP, we still want to hear that the song is still '2AM style' since we sung it." The different style of the music allowed the four people's harmonies to become stronger and their solo skills have greatly improved.

Changmin said "This album will help us find 2AM's unique colors so we put forth our best effort to show people our greatest charms. In the past, we only focused on singing ballad-type songs so we wanted to show people we could easily digest different genres of music- we had to sing another person's song. In our new album, we have included a few upbeat songs you can easily dance to, so part of me was very satisfied with that. I think that I need to show off my skills more; I want to be known as more than just an idol."

Changmin eagerly continued, "We want 2AM to be known as an artistic group that keeps on improving. I think by combining R&B and pop style, we have made a new concept by being more muscian-like idols.

The 2AM members seemed very satisfied with the entirety of the album. They have taken on the challenge of trying out different genres and the intro and outro tracks have added to the unique feel of the album.

"Won't Let You Go Even if I Die", "I'm Sorry I Couldn't Laugh", and "To Her" have already reached the top of the music charts. For the past 10 months, the group has been on hiatus from performing and focused on variety shows, but they still continue to have the image of a group with great skills.

Jo Kwon said confidently "It might seem like bragging, but we're not afraid at all of finding MR removed versions of our performances." Recently, netizens have uploaded video clips on the web of MR removed versions of their live performances and they have received praise of sounding identical to their CD.

When there is a live performance the next day, the members do not talk to each other that night, and they turn on the humidifiers to protect their voices in order to dazzle the audience in their top shape. Calling them 'idols' doesn't seem very appropriate anymore- the description seems to be lacking.

2AM expressed "We want to be national singers like g.o.d. We want everyone regardless of gender and age to be able to enjoy our songs and get in touch with their inner selves." Being their 3rd year of debut, it is no doubt that this group will get far in the music industry of 2010 with their popularity and skill.

Source: Newsen
Translation: pinkiyoojin @ omona_prection
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