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Some articles on Big Bang's Big Show 2010 Concert

Real Cotton Candy to be given away during Big Bang's Big Show

Daesung will be performing his latest single, 'Cotton Candy', during Big Bang's concert on January 29, 30 and 31. As a special treat to the audience, there will be 10 cotton candy machines which will distribute 5,000 cotton candies for each day. This means that a total of 15,000 cotton candies will be given away during the 3-day concert.

Daesung's Cotton Candy has been receiving so much love when it was released last January 26 as it went up to 1st place in music charts (Naver Music, Daum and Bugs).

A YG representative said, "Cotton Candy has a different style compared to previous Big Bang songs so we weren't expecting this much. During the concert, we will be giving away real cotton candy so we hope you enjoy."

Daesung, who is also known to be good at singing Trot, surprised everyone with this transformation of going into jazz-pop style.

Big Bang's 2010 Big Show to help Korea's Tourism

South Korea's National Tourism Board has selected Big Bang's 2010 Big Show concert, which will be held on January 29, 30 and 31 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, as part of their 'Visit Korea' campaign.

A representative from the National Tourism Board said "Big Bang's members were busy with their individual and overseas activities last year but for this concert, they will come together. An estimate of about 20,000 Korean and foreign fans will be going to the concert."

There will be promo booths at the concert venues during the event to further promote South Korea's tourism.

A representative said that concerts like this have big impacts to the country's economy so they will continue to support events of Hallyu stars in the future.

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Original ArticleBigBangUpdates @ Blogspot

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