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2 Wonder Girls articles...

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The Wonder Girls will be releasing the digital single of their Nobody Rainstone Remix (English version) on January 29th and we’ve got an exclusive teaser, only for allkpop readers!

To get the full-length version, you can…

1) Wait for the digital release on 1/29


2) Email us at wondergirls@allkpop.com with your name, address, phone # and age to find out how to receive your physical copy (US residents only).

As an added bonus, if you get a physical copy, this will be your ticket to MEET the Wonder Girls IN PERSON at 2 select H Mart stores (Ridgefield, NJ on 2/11 & Seattle, WA on 2/13). More details to follow so stay tuned.

Listen to the teaser HERE!

Wonder Girls’ Sunye sent a crying phone call to JYPE after she wrote a message to their fans on their fan cafe.

You’re probably wondering what the reason for her tears are.

After fans read the message, some people were second guessing the legitimacy of the letter. They were saying that it wasn’t really Sunye that wrote the letter. Fans commented, “I bet JYPE wrote this letter, not Sunye.”

JYP Entertainment released a statement today:

Sunye called the company after all the accusations. She was crying on the phone. Sunye did write that letter.

I think this situation is hard on everyone and it’s kind of heartbreaking to see fans point their fingers at their favorite singers.

Source: Allkpop 1 & 2

lol w/e, jype. yoobin's rap omg ♥

wait, sunye wrote the letter? I thought it was from all of them ):
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