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Flashback Friday

Happy Valentine’s Day Omona! Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, let’s see who was on top for the 2nd week of February, 2012. The top three have been posted before, so we'll see some live stages. A lot of strong bops this week.

#3 Sunny Hill “The Grasshopper Song”
This was the last song that member Janghyun participated in. He would announce his enlistment plans during the song’s promotion, and would actually enlist a few days after this performance. For the rest of the promotions cycle, different rappers (and IU) would take his place on their music show appearances. The group recently had a comeback last fall.

#2 MBLAQ “This Is War”
This was one of the singles off of their “100% Ver.” album. I loved this era, I really liked the song and the choreography so much. I thought they all looked so good too. What are the boys up to? Lee Joon still acting? Mir still farming? GO marry that girl yet? And where are Thunder and Seungho?

#1 T-ara “Lovey Dovey”

This song would debut at the #1 spot and stayed there for weeks. Out of all the songs in the post, this is the era I remember most clearly. I don’t remember it being as huge as “Roly-Poly”, but this was pretty successful as well.

Honorable Mentions

#4 Teen Top “Going Crazy”
I didn’t recognize the song at the title, but I remembered it as soon as it started. That chorus was catchy. And how could I forget those body rolls and pelvic thrusting? Like other Teen Top music videos, I have questions about this one too. Why couldn’t he catch her? Like, she had a little bit of a head start (but just barely!), and he was sprinting after her. Maybe she’s a power walker. Like those seniors who walk at the mall before it opens.

#7 Dal Shabet “Hit U”

I don’t remember anything about this era at all. Omg this MV wtf! I did like them strolling down the blood splattered corridor at the end lol. And what did that dude in the white do to get it so bad? Just being a dude? I’m not mad at it lol. This was the single off of their album of the same name, and would be their only album to hit #1 on the chart.

source: KBS World, MBCkpop 1 2, 1theK, Stone Music Entertainment & soompi
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