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Unstoppable '"Mr. Trot" breaks viewership record

TV Chosun's talent search show "Mr. Trot" broke the viewership record again, becoming the most popular reality TV show of all time.

According to Nielsen, the highest viewership of Thursday's episode reached 28.1 percent, surpassing the SBS hit show "Mom's Diary: My Ugly Ducking"'s 2018 record of 27.5 percent.

In the 7th episode that aired on Thursday, 20 contestants competed in five teams with four members each. Teams were given scores by each of the 10 judges, which were then tallied up to determine the final winner.

The results were made public on Thursday but the winning team has yet to be revealed as officials are still waiting on the voting results from audience members. They were asked to donate up to 10,000 won to help in deciding on a winner.

The total donation amount each team receives will then be combined with the results from the judging panel to determine the winner.

The voting results from audience members will be unveiled next Thursday.

"Mr. Trot" is the sequel to last year's hit show "Miss Trot for Tomorrow" to select Korea's next top trot singers. The two programs have created the trot craze.

"Mr. Trot" and popular contestant members make it to the top of Naver's search results whenever the show airs.

I did some posts on the previous season, and I thought that one with the ladies were better singers/performers and seemed more popular. Like, some of those performances would get a million YT views overnight. But wow 28%.

source: The Korea Times & TV CHOSUN
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