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Mnet has not paid X1 members yet, 42 days after disbandment

Mnet has responded to reports that the members of X1 have not been paid yet for their activities.

On February 17, an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports claimed that despite X1’s disbandment being announced 42 days ago, the members have yet to receive any payment for their activities in the project group.

The report claimed that the agencies of the members have reached out to CJ ENM multiple times to request payment for X1’s activities, but have yet to receive a response. Since making their debut last August, X1 held their premiere show-con at the Gocheok SKY Dome, sold merchandise at the show-con, sold over 500,000 copies of their debut mini album “Quantum Leap,” and appeared in various overseas events including KCON. But according to the report, the X1 members have not been paid for any of their work yet.

A source from Mnet responded to the report and stated, “We have been in continuous conversations with each member’s agency regarding the issue of payment,” and “We plan to send a statement of accounts to each agency today. We will follow the necessary procedures.”

X1 was a project group formed through Mnet’s “Produce X 101” and made their debut in August 2019. However, a controversy over voting manipulation arose surrounding the “Produce 101” series, leading to the group to go on hiatus as the situation unfolded. In January, it was announced that an agreement was made by the agencies of the members that the group would disband.

Sources: Naver (1, 2), soompi.

Selling over 600k albums, charting on digital charts for over 4 months, selling out Gocheok Sky Dome, selling out their merchs, multiple festivals and not getting a single penny, then being ruthlessly thown under the bus once they (mnet) announced they would no longer profit from X1's past AND future activities.
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