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Seventeen miniroundup: Mafia game in "The Genius"-style, VN&DK Birthday, Vernon hangs with Seungyoun

Seventeen playing the mafia game is always the best, and this time they spiced it up by doing it "The Genius"-style!

[New IF episodes]

How cool is DK's noona hahah

From Ep 4 onwards, Pledis started subbing the videos!

[Hoshi surprising Carats at a random dance + Seungkwan´s birthday surprise]

[DK - Road (orig. Paul Kim)]

Happy CARAT day everyone! They did a fun vlive!
Also, a fan artist made this amazing animated Snapshoot MV:

Click the thread for all Vocal unit and Hip hop unit interviews, i'm too lazy to embed them all~

click on tweet for thread of performance unit interview~

click on tweet for thread of hoshi interview. I can't find translations for the rest of performance unit interviews. Please share in the comments if you have them :)


source: SEVENTEEN, like17subs, @seokedmin, pledis_17, 17_HAMZZI, @carrot_sarada, soonberries, konnichihello, Toh K, woodz_dnwm

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