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WINNER confirm last album as a complete group before military service

Winner will be making a comeback with their last album as a complete group.

On the 14th, an official from YG Entertainment confirmed reports stating, "Winner is preparing their new album. We can't confirm the release date yet. We will let you know later on the official schedule."

According to reports, Winner is preparing a new album with the goal of releasing it in March. They have finished filming the album jacket and are currently recording new songs. This will be the group's first full-length album before Kim Jin Woo and Lee Sung-hoon enlist in the military. The album will consist of songs written by the members and their title track will be a song composed by member Song Minho.

In the meantime, Kim Jin-woo, who was born in 1991, and Lee Seung-hoon, who was born in 1992, are scheduled to join the military within this year.

source: @dailynaver, dailynaver, naver

This seems so fast o.o
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