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(TW) Nam Tae Hyun is not doing well in his latest IG live

Nam Tae Hyun has apologized for leaving his group WINNER.

On the 10th, the South Club member held an Instagram live with fans where he apologized for leaving WINNER and also confessed that he had been hacked. In particular, Nam Tae Hyun is seen crying hysterically causing worries among netizens.

He stated, "I always miss my fans so much. There are a lot of people who left and when I talk like this things become a hot topic. But I've gotten hacked and the hacker obtained my personal information and photos of all the people I've met."

He added, "But I've never committed a crime or taken drugs. I wanted to be honest so that people don't misunderstand. I have nothing to lose. I live alone right now, I'm not dating."

He then began smoking on broadcast and stated, "I'm tired but I can't sleep well. I don't want to lose my friends and colleagues anymore. I'm also one of the celebrities who gets a lot of bad comments. I once tried to end my life because I can't stand it anymore. Please don't hate me too much. I'm so scared everyday."

Added from soompi article:

He said to fans as he knelt down to apologize, “I am sorry as I feel that I haven’t been able to greet you often these days,” and said that his band South Club is working hard on new music. He continued by sharing that he is having trouble writing good music.

Nam Tae Hyun also pleaded, “Please do not hate me too much. I am so scared every day.” The singer shed tears as he opened up about his struggles, also saying that his agency is not providing much support for South Club. (In a following broadcast, he updated fans saying that he had a conversation about the matter with agency staff.)

In response to fans worrying about Nam Tae Hyun, his agency P&B Entertainment commented on February 12, “Nam Tae Hyun has recently been devoting time into preparing for performances and new music for an album release. He has been experiencing trouble with the creative process as an artist, and he just showed a strong reaction while having a live broadcast to interact with fans.”

The agency continued, “As his agency, we are working hard for the protection of our artist. We will endure the struggles with him and work to provide our full support.”

[netizen]1. [+2,802, -299] I was a fan of WINNER during his 'Winner TV' and 'Empty' days and Nam Tae Hyun was the most popular then. He was in his own world at the time and didn't get along well with the other members. I think the popularity got to his head and he started acting like an attention wh**e. When Winner was having a hard time he chose to leave and do his own music. I can understand him wanting to leave but now he's feeling sorry because WINNER is doing well but his projects with South Club aren't. It's funny to me that he threw Winner away when things got hard but he's looking back at them now that he's struggling.
2. [+2,147, -99] I was ok with him leaving Winner but ever since he left he's only been famous for smoking, tattoos..cheating on his ex-gfs. It's more strange that he's asking people not to leave him hate comments...doesn't he see where all the hate is coming from?
3. [+1,146, -25] I don't know whether he's just an introvert but I don't think he had the mental capacity to withstand the pressure that came with YG. I think he's better off going to the army and live quietly. It's better to lay low for a while and get it out of your head.
4. [+1,088, -46] Celebrities may look ordinary but they're really like people from different worldsㄷㄷㄷ They look normal when reading off a script but act like psychopaths in their private lives..

Nam Tae Hyun has apologized for causing fans to worry.

On the 12th, the South Club band member shared an apology on Instagram writing, "I'm sorry for making you worry for the past few days. I have learned that the best way to converse with fans is through music and not driving myself to the edge of the cliff. Before the end of spring, I will greet you with the best music from South Club. Instead of suffocating, I will work hard to repay your love and care. I'm grateful to those who always love and cherish me."

[Alternate soompi translation]I’m sorry for making you worry for the past few days. I have learned that driving yourself to the edge of a cliff is not the best way to have a conversation with music. Before the spring ends, I will greet you with the best music that I and South Club can make! And I will work in a more healthy way. Instead of suffocating, I will work hard with love and generosity. Thank you to the people who are always loving and cherishing me.


[netizen]1.[+6,480, -556] The New Year has come. I can hear a lot of people celebrating here at Yeosu. If you're reading this article I hope you and your family live well and happily in 2020. Cheer up! I hope you all live comfortably without any worries about money or health.
2. [+4,052, -475] What's wrong with YG kids
3. [+1,773, -56] Something about him is unstable..
4. [+2,080, -522] He's just an attention seeker using our emotions to garner sympathy..
5. [+742, -74] Why swear at him? Can't you see he's not well? I don't watch much TV so I don't know him well but I think he needs to stop live streams for a while and get some rest. He looks like he's struggling.
6. [+548, -9] I think he needs to take a break, get counseling and take some prescription medications (which I think he already has). I'm not a fan of him but I think the best for him right now is treatment and stability.

source: @dailynaver, dialynaver 2, naver 2 3, souththth, soompi 2
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