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Stray Kids To Sing Theme Songs For “Tower Of God” Animation In 3 Languages

On February 18, it was revealed that the group will be singing the opening and ending theme songs for “Tower of God,” an animation based on a popular Korean webtoon.

The animation will air in Korea, the United States, and Japan, and it is scheduled for an April release. Stray Kids will sing the theme songs in Korean, English, and Japanese.

Bang Chan commented, “I am enjoying ‘Tower of God’ through the Naver webtoon. I am honored that we received this opportunity, and we get to sing it in three languages, so it feels like a dream.”

Lee Know added, “‘It is cool that we are singing the opening song for ‘Tower of God,’ which I have been reading for awhile. Once the animation starts airing, I will watch without missing out. It was difficult to record in three languages, but we had fun singing.”

source: @soompi, soompi, straykids_jp, naver
Tags: ost, stray kids, webtoons
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