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Chen writes letter to fans following pregnancy & marriage news

EXO's Chen has spoken out for the first time since his marriage and pregnancy announcement.

On the 19th, Chen wrote a letter to fans stating, "I'm worried that I might hurt you with my clumsy words but I want to apologize to everyone who waited for all that time. I want to express my apologies to EXO-Ls who must have been surprised and taken aback by my sudden news. That was the first time experiencing writing a letter like that so I worried a lot about what I should say to EXO-L who've stayed with me . But I thought I should personally tell you all first. However, my clumsy words caused a lot of disappointment and hurt. Seeing you experience that made my heart ache as well."

He added, "I don’t know if my feelings will be conveyed well, but I’m sincerely grateful for the love that you’ve given me and I’m more aware than anyone else that I am who I am now because of that love. I want to apologize again for expressing my apologies to you so late. Also, I will show you how I’m continuing to try hard. Thank you."

sources: dailynaver, MK Sports

netizens/fans are still mad and want him to leave the group because apparently you can't stan a hot daddy
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