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BTS Map of the Soul Tour shows in Seoul cancelled due to COVID-19

Big Hit has officialy cancelled the Apr 11, 12, 18 & 19 concerts in Seoul Olympic Stadium for the MOTS tour due to the government measures regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus).

-The priority is the safety and health of attendees, artist, staff and crew.
-The tour involved a considerable amount of people coming from around the globe and 200,000 assistants, which caused uncertainty of how likely was for them to access the SK border.
-They decided to cancel now due to the amount of international fans planning a trip to SK for the show and how a last-minute cancellation would be a worse impact.
-The decision was made to comply with SK government measures regarding public events and use of cultural and sports facilities.
-SK is the second country with most COVID-19 outrbreaks, after China.
-The rest of the dates for USA, Canada, Europe and Japan are still scheduled.

Hello. This is Big Hit Entertainment

We regret to announce that the BTS MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR – SEOUL Concert, originally scheduled to be held on April 11 (Sat), 12 (Sun), 18 (Sat) and 19 (Sun) at OLYMPIC STADIUM, has been canceled.

Plans for “MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR – SEOUL” included the involvement of a number of global production companies and a large group of expert international crew, with over 200,000 concertgoers expected to attend.

However, the current global coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has made it impossible at this time to predict the scale of the outbreak during the dates of the concert in April, alongside increasing uncertainty about the cross-border movement of concert staff and equipment.

While we hope that the situation will improve, we must take into consideration the health and safety of hundreds of thousands of guests as well as our artists and the dire impact a last-minute cancellation may have on guests from overseas, production companies and staff. We have thus determined that with approximately one month left before the Seoul concert is set to begin, it is unavoidable that the concert must be canceled without further delay.
Please understand that this decision was made after extensive and careful consideration in order to cooperate with the government’s measures on restricting public events as well as municipal advisories on the use of cultural and sports facilities.
Tickets already reserved will be refunded in full through INTERPARK, the official ticket agent. Please refer to the “Refund Notice” below as well as the INTERPARK ticket Webpage (reservation page), or contact the INTERPARK ticket customer service center (1544-1555) for more information.

We would like to sincerely apologize for issuing this notice of cancellation to all of our fans who had been eagerly looking forward to the BTS MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR – SEOUL Concert, and we ask for your understanding.

Thank you.

This is sad but not surprising and the best decision. I really do wonder what's gonna happen with the rest of the tour... Japan is also at risk I think. Stay safe everyone and don't panic or believe shady social media news. Check for reliable local sources when reading about COVID-19 in your country.

Sources: BTS Facebook, NY Times live COVID-19 updates
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