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F.cuz’s “Jiggy” dance is popular overseas

After releasing their first single Jiggy, rookie boy group F.cuz has been gaining a lot of popularity from their oversea fans from places such as USA, China, Taiwan and Thailand.

How much popularity? Well, the fans have uploaded videos of themselves dancing to the “Jiggy Dance” as well as singing the song through YouTube. They even got a nickname for the genre of Jiggy, categorizing it as a “Bubble Gum Pop.”

The oversea fans have commented things like “Korean songs are so good,” “Singing and dancing to F.cuz’s song is so fun and it makes me happy” and “I want to visit Korea to see F.cuz.”

Related sources from F.cuz’s public relations company The J Story stated:

I think the fans oversea who are into K-pop likes Jiggy because it has a repetitive chorus as well as choregraphy just like Wonder Girls‘ Tell Me and Nobody.

F.cuz commented:

We never thought that there would be so many oversea fans who likes Jiggy.

We are very thankful to them for even giving nicknames to Jiggy’s choregraphy and genre.

First it was “model idol” and now its “Bubble Gum Pop” and “Jiggy Dance!” F.cuz’s future seems bright, don’t you agree?

source: allkpop
Tags: f.cuz

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