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⭐ The February 2020 Girl Group Battle ⭐

February 2020 was a truly insane month for girl group fans, with one comeback after another and even a few new debuts. Not since the legendary summer of 2015 has there been such an intense flurry of girl group releases. And if you missed any of them, here's your chance to catch up!


Although they've been around for less than a year, trio 3YE have put themselves on the map with catchy and hard-hitting songs. "Queen" evokes powerful boy groups like Monsta X, but with a distinctly feminine style. Will 3YE emerge as the nugu queens of February 2020?

Omonians said...
benihime99: The song isn't bad per se, but it sounds like something that should have been released last summer, old but not that old
dior_chic: Oh I’m not into this lol. wait, maybe I’m into it lol


Rookie group BVNDIT are back with a new single entirely in English, part of the "New.wav" project created by their label, MNH. While "Cool" isn't being promoted as an actual comeback, the girls did perform a showcase of the song, and there's also a performance video and a dance practice. "Cool" is an energetic yet smooth breakbeat pop tune that shows off BVNDIT's vocals.

Omonians said...
volume1995: the mv is so creative!! i love it! too bad the song is kinda... dull!
frequency: i'm not in love w/ the song but i wouldn't skip if it came up on shuffle. their english sounds really good!


After the departure of three members, Cherry Bullet has been pared down to a unit of seven. They're back with a more "girl crush" image and sound, contrasting with their former cutesy shtick. Their video game theme remains a constant, though. Rather than the high energy of your typical girl group single, this is a more laid-back, vintage hip-hop inspired pop tune with an interesting Fur Elise sample.

Omonians said...
horichansenpai: Song is catchy but gets boring pretty quickly :/ still enjoyable.
veep_throat: HONESTLY BEST GG RELEASE OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This new girl group consists mostly of members from Good Day, a girl group which debuted in 2017, participated in the survival show The Unit, and then dropped off the face of the earth for a while. Five of the members, and two new additions, are back as Cignature with a different image and sound. It's not quite "girl crush," but somewhere in the realm of... hyper and cute with an edge? Hard to describe. Their debut single "Nun Nu Nan Na" is loud, messy, and fun.

Omonians said...
gathyou: I feel like they had several ideas and all jammed it together? but I'm enjoying it lol. The chorus is catchy!
premonitioner: I'd like to thank these girls for taking all my favourite bits from Red Velvet songs and putting them into one song for me


Dreamcatcher have always been dramatic, but they've taken it to a new level with "Scream." Their latest single blends their usual goth-rock influences with EDM and even a bit of opera, and their fantasy visuals have never been flashier. The change in sound has proven polarizing among fans, but no one can call them boring.

Omonians said...
alterlife: To go from deja vu to...this?? What were they thinking??? This song is noise.
lizanka23: at first i was meh about the song but now after listening to it for a bit i love it, the vocals and how dramatic it is.


One of several girl groups to break a ridiculously long hiatus this month, Elris are finally back after almost two years, with two new members and the lighthearted single "Jackpot." But will they hit the jackpot with this one? For a song inspired by gambling, it doesn't take many risks. If you like cute and charming girls, though, this just might be your thing.

Omonians said...
kcaomei: not my fave track but i like it! although i wish more than anything 'like i do' had been the title track instead :(
ginger_star: I wasn't going to listen to it again since I really don't enjoy the chorus....but then when I was trying to sleep parts of the song kept going through my head


Episode may be a low-budget nugu group, but that doesn't mean they're excluded from the battle. They originally debuted as Vitamin Angel way back in 2015. Now, they're back with a new name and look, although their lack of funds is sadly evident in their song and music video. "Open My Door" features a sound that was popular a few years ago: pop with a hip-hop influence and an instrumental beat drop for a chorus.

Omonians said... nothing :(


Everglow's latest single "Dun Dun" is very much a continuation of their established sound: loud and bossy, yet tight and polished. If you like bangers, this one is for you. The inspiration from groups like Blackpink is clear, but thankfully Everglow come back more than once a year. The music video is a visual feast, too.

Omonians said...
jyusou: If this came out when I was in high school I would probably be all over it.
lil_poisonfrog: They continue to deliver consistently quality bangers.


This is GFriend's first comeback under Big Hit, so to speak (they're still under Source Music, but the ownership of that company changed hands.) However, nothing much seems to have changed: "Crossroads" has a very familiar anime-esque sound, calling back to their previous singles "Time for the Moon Night" and "Sunrise." The music video is perhaps their most ambitious yet, creating a narrative between many of their previous releases. It's a shame it doesn't show off the group's famously strong dance skills.

Omonians said...
pseudo_shigure: yay!! they're back to their old sound. love it.
cairistiona: it's just missing something, some oomph. a high note? a build-up? i don't know but i find it lacking.


Nugu rookies HighSchool are back for their first comeback with "Timing," and they're bringing a distinctly old-school vibe. The song features all the hallmarks of late 00s-early 10s K-pop: the autotune, the spare and synth-driven instrumental that feels just slightly out-of-tune... It's different from what most girl groups are doing these days, which is really the appeal of lesser-known groups. They dare to be different!

Omonians said...
xoxkenzxox: I love girls in masks. that said, not sure the song is my thing. It's giving me Wonder Girls Irony vibes for some reason.


The triumphant return of IZ*ONE, the group formed from Produce 48, after said show was plagued by rigging scandals and its resultant  groups' futures were held in jeopardy. IZ*ONE were given another chance, thankfully, and released this song which was originally planned for the end of last year. It's similar to their previous releases, with that slick, polished house sound and twinkling instrumental. And the MV, of course, is a high-budget affair dripping with aesthetics.

Omonians said...
spread: I thought it was a fun song, with amazing visuals and they ALWAYS kill it with choreography.
cxxl: I’m not against the sound necessarily but I think the video was a lot.


Loona have been through some major changes on the production side and a year-long hiatus, but fans can finally rejoice: they're back! "So What" is edgier than any of their previous releases, a clattering high-energy EDM song produced by none other than SM himself (Lee Soo Man). It's unprecedented for him to work with an artist outside his own company. Although the line distribution on this one leaves much to be desired, it's fun to see yet another new side of Loona.

Omonians said...
kashiyaek: i like this a lot and i'm generally a fan of noisy as fuck songs HOWEVER, i'm kind of.. whelmed? at loona going for this sound?
calzonazos: I appreciate the effort of trying to do something different musically even if it's not my cup of tea.


However you feel about this song, you have to give it to Rocket Punch: they definitely win the award for the highest-energy release this month. They're back with their very first comeback and have gone colorful, manic, and downright "Bouncy." The MV's highly saturated aesthetic is reminiscent of mid-10s girl group releases, while the song is fast-paced and full of the rhythmic chanting that's so popular in K-pop today.

Omonians said...
adenar: I'm sure it's going to be great live, and the choruses are really fun.
violoncelliste: omg i love their energy. the song was fine, but the girls are so cute!


Weki Meki are back with another colorful, quirky pop tune that fits right in with their existing concept. It seems their MV budget took a hit, but they still serve up some pretty aesthetics and a cutesy sound. The song sounds somewhere in between Itzy and Oh My Girl, carried along by repetitive chanting into a melodic chorus.

Omonians said...
coyote_revolver: It's not as catchy as their previous cbs but it's cute. The styling is pretty!
yxerin: thank you weki meki, for always giving me the disjointed bops i didn’t know i needed

[Choose your winner...]
So, now that you've seen the contenders...

Poll #2099513 Who is the winner of this Girl Group Battle?


Cherry Bullet
Rocket Punch
Weki Meki

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