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Changed My Mind!: Kpop Releases February 2020

With kpop, my first impressions can vastly vary to how I feel about a song in the long run. Whether it's a month later, a week later, hell after a second listen the day of - at first I'm like 'I don't like this' to 'no wait I like this!' (as myrrhcat has highlighted in her post!! I love it lol)

So since there were a lot of releases in February - which song changed your mind? Maybe you disliked it initially but now it's on replay, to songs you thought you'd eat up but find it's being neglected on your playlist. I've done a first impression post, but I thought it would be fun to do for newer releases that come out! Let us know what song has your opinion changed on since first listen for last month!. It can be title tracks, b-sides, anything as long as it came out in February this year (or even some January ones, if you like! It was a slower month but still can be included)

*For me, this month is cignature's "Nun Nu Nan Na" and 3YE's "Queen"! cignature's song I felt underwhelmed but I saw it had potential with the catchy chorus, and it was the performances (and Jeewon's smile :D) had me won over in no time. As for 3YE, after the MV I was really not feeling it but once I pulled it up on streaming it suddenly clicked for me how fun it was. The MV isn't even bad, for some reason it just stood out to me more on Spotify. But I'm now hooked!

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