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The Return of Superman Ep 318


William & Bentley

Yeonwoo & Hayoung


We meet a new family, Dohyung and his mom, Return of Superman narrator and actress Lee Mido. Dohyung is a little timid baby, but seems real sweet. His mom has a fun day off while his father takes him to the doctor. The Hammingtons have an unusual meal, but Ben eats everything as always though lol. He needs to get off the pacifier, so William and Sam try a lot of things to help ween him off. Yeonwoo and Hayoung are still in Busan with their father. Is anyone else bothered by the way the family talks about Yoon Jung and her money? The way they are always so casual when they talk about using her credit cards. Kyungwan is on multiple shows too, but it's always Yoon Jung's money, and how hard she works. And after finding out that she’s paying for her father in law’s cosmetic surgeries, it’s weird to me. Anyways, the family goes to the market for lunch and then heads to the beach. Then the family reunites, and Yoon Jung and Kyungwan try to have some alone time. We spend the morning with the Kangs, getting traffic and life lessons from Haoh. I like how both Haoh and Naeun run to the cameramen for help lol. Then they visit an optometrist.

source: KBS WORLD TV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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