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Kim Nam Gil “I’m destined to help people in need”

Actor Kim Nam Gil, or best known as “Bidam” from his character in MBC historical drama “Queen Seondeok’ has truly surprised his fans with his big heart to help others in need. First, it was known that he went to an island in Indonesian with the volunteers from Korea to help out hands-on, then he took part to help with volunteers for the victims of Haiti earthquake.

On January 6, Kim Nam Gil and the sponsored members of Korea International Children Organization went on a mission to help people in the Sumatra island after the 7.6 earthquake and tsunami devastated this Indonesian island. Many people became homeless and lost all their belonging and families, thus those volunteers delivered some food supplies and volunteers to help them rebuild houses and schools for children. The story of his journey will be broadcast through MBC “The World and I” on January 29.

Then on January 11, Kim Nam Gil went back on another mission to help with the Haiti earthquake victims. The actor mentioned that he felt like he is destined to help with these victims. He told, “These children were just playing and jumping around happily the day before the earthquake, and now they lost their parents and their homes. The result of these kinds of natural disaster is scary and hard to comprehend. I really feel for these children and hope that I can help them in any way I could.”

And during the last day before he had to go back to Korea, Kim Nam Gil carried supplies with his own hands and shoulders. MBC will be airing this special episode, today January 29. Kim Nam Gil will narrate along this special broadcasting, and there’ll be a chance for viewers to help make monetary donations.

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