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Joint Security Area the musical, i kind of lol'd omg :(

Ten years after director Park Chan-wook’s film Joint Security Area made a splash as the highest-grossing Korean film at that time, a stage musical adaptation is being planned.

A producer with the musical explained on the 28th that the stage version is being produced for a theatrical run later this year: “Although there have been a lot of films dealing with the issue of North and South Korea’s separation, this is the first musical.” The film (which starred Song Kang-ho, Lee Young-ae, and Lee Byung-heon) unfolded around an illegal shooting in the DMZ, and a special investigation that ensues to try to figure out what triggered it. The film was based on the novel by Park Sang-yeon, DMZ, making this musical an adaptation of an adaptation.

Source: My Daily
Via: dramabeans

JSA is one of my favourite films from PCW. I kind of stared at this article for 5 minutes giggling kind of nervously lole. One of my favourite scenes lol. Some background if you haven't watched this, the North and South Korean soldier spitting at each other are already friends at this stage.

Source: plqskoo
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