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"Road to Kingdom" Lineup Reportedly Includes The Boyz, Golden Child, Verivery, ONF and TOO

Mnet is reportedly getting ready to film the boy group spin-off of “Queendom” titled “Road to Kingdom” (literal title)! On March 5, Joy News 24 cited several industry sources to report that “Road to Kingdom” will have its first recording in the third week of March. According to the report, boy groups including ONF, Golden Child, The Boyz, VERIVERY, and TOO (brave, the group is Mnet's still undebuted boygroup) are in talks to compete on the show.

A source from Mnet shared to Newsen, “The first recording for ‘Road to Kingdom’ will take place sometime in March. Because the show involves the groups meeting each other for the first time during the first recording, we cannot reveal the lineup.”

“Queendom,” which aired its first season last fall, featured a star-studded lineup of girl groups facing off against one another in various competitions before culminating in a fierce “comeback battle.” In “Road to Kingdom,” several boy groups will go up against each other and release music on streaming sites simultaneously. Based on Joy News 24’s report, the winning group of “Road to Kingdom” gets the opportunity to join “Kingdom,” Mnet’s next survival program scheduled for the second half of the year.

Joy News 24 reports that while premiere date of “Road to Kingdom” has yet to be decided due to the coronavirus situation, the show is expected to begin within the first half of the year.

source: @soompi, soompi, joynews24, naver

What do you think of the line-up? Are you going to watch?
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