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Le Je Hoon Talks About His Love Of Cinema And Losing Himself In His Acting

-“If you take movies out of the equation, there’s nothing special about me as a person. I don’t have any hobbies or special talents. I love watching movies and talking about movies so much that I don’t think of doing anything else.”

-“Even when I’m having a hard time with my acting, I watch movies,” he continued. “Isn’t it amazing how even after all this time, even with cinema’s long history, people are still coming up with new and creative stories?”

-“I enjoy living as a character inside a story,” he explained. “I believe that there is both good and evil within Lee Je Hoon.” (He sees himself as a blank piece of paper for the directors to draw upon).

Sources: Soompi I By Way Of: Naver I Pictures: @CcarriestarsS
Tags: actor/actress, interview, magazine

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