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Loona Roundup Post: 'Weekly Idol', 'Random Dance Cover Mission', 'So What' Solo Focus Videos + more

For the girl group fans, Oh My Girl fans, Loona fans, or anyone who wants a touching moment: WATCH at 16:50! Gowon is chosen for the segment to dance to the same song she danced to from years past. A clip of her dancing (audition video?) to Oh My Girl's 'Coloring Book' plays. Gowon tells Hyojung and Seunghee how she's a big fan and she was inspired to pursue an idol career after seeing them in concert. Seunghee and Hyojung are wowed, Seunghee mentions that she always wanted to inspire a fan to chase their dreams so to see it happens really moves her. Gowon gets to dance with her role models and afterwords Seunghee starts to cry. She mentions that at the time 'Coloring Book' came out the group felt like they were 'nothing' in the k-pop landscape but to see their comeback had that much influence makes her very emotional. Hyojung is a very proud leader! :)

--> FactiN Star show, Dance Cover Challenge on Shindong's show, Solo Focus Videos, and a 'Hi High' performance under the cut:

Highlight here: at 24:57, they also do dance covers but with a twist - they have to guess what the drawing is first, which is chosen in place of the song. Once they figure out the song behind the picture, they dance to it.

Yeojin always shines when it comes to dance covers!!





Kim Lip






Olivia Hye

On Weekly Idol they also covered boy group songs, as well as certain members do song covers like 2NE1's "Ugly":

AND to finish the post:

Hi High - 2020 Version

SOURCES: 1stonkpop,
Fact iN Star (1)
,Fact iN Star (2), SBS KPOP
solocams: All the solo focus videos come from ALL THE KPOP. High High video from ALL THE KPOP as well.
Tags: loona, oh my girl, round-up, shindong

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