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Jennie talks about her career, childhood passions and more with High Cut

BLACKPINK’s Jennie featured in the latest issue of High Cut magazine. In the accompanying interview, she discussed her career, what motivates her to get through her busy schedule, and more.

On where she finds motivation, Jennie said, I don’t know if this is greedy, but there’s so much that I still want to do and show. Regardless of the avenue of promotion, I want to continue to show fresh, new sides of myself. With that kind of mindset, I’ve been busy.” She added, “When I’m not working, I think about how I can spend my time so that I won’t regret it. I try to take up different hobbies outside of routine exercise and maintenance, and I try to learn new things every year.

When asked how she feels about the speed at which BLACKPINK grew, she said, “From the time we debuted to now, time has gone by so fast. New things are happening every day, so it still feels surreal. Sometimes it’s scary how fast things are moving, but still there are more and more happy experiences and memorable moments, and I’m trying to enjoy the present. I’m going to work harder so that these precious times can go on longer.”

Jennie also talked about her childhood dreams. “When I was younger, I enjoyed reforming clothes or combining pieces in different ways. Singing and dancing was also a part of everyday life. I didn’t know that I’d be able to do these things as a part of my job, but I think what brought me to where I am today is my younger self thinking about what to wear every morning, singing with my friends, and copying dances that I saw online. If that old Jennie were to say something to me, she would say, ‘You’re doing what you love, so have fun and do the best you can.'”

sources: soompi, naver
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