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Flashback Friday

This week was damn exhausting. I'm allowing myself to fall down every YouTube black hole and polishing off all my ice cream this weekend. Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we’re going back to see what we were listening to in the 2nd week of March, 2011. Most of the songs were posted already, so this time we’ll watch some live stages.

#3 G.Na “Black & White”
This isn’t my favorite song from her, but I still remember it doing pretty well. This was the single off of her only full album, “Black & White”, and would hit the top spot. Fan chants sound nice too, and anyone else remember the days of fanclub balloons? I hope she’s doing okay, I think we’ve only heard from her a few times in like, 5 years?

#2 Lee Hyun “You Are The Best Of My Life”
This is the lead single off of his EP of the same name, and is his highest charting solo song to date. I remember the music video the most from this era, not so much the song. Here’s a stage from his 2018 appearance on Sketchbook. Anyone still sad that Homme is dunzo?

#1 IU “Only I Didn’t Know”

This was such a busy time for her. The song was the follow up to her successful “Real” album, and was released while she was filming Heroes and wrapping up Dream High. There are two versions of the music video, and this is the IU version. I remember the drama MV confusing me lol, and this was easier to follow. The song was composed by Yoon Sang, who gifted the song to her and appears in the video as well.

Honorable Mentions

#4 Kan Mi Youn featuring Eric Mun “Paparazzi”
She released two EPs in 2011, and this was the single off of the first one. It looks like this was the last year she really active a singer. I think she’s been promoting as an actress since then. The song features Shinhwa’s Eric, and this MV stars SS501’s Kim Hyungjun. And all those 2010-ish era Crazy dancers aww! Last fall she got married, with all of the other members of Baby V.O.X reuniting and in attendance.

#5 Mighty Mouth featuring Soya “Tok Tok”

Back in 2018, both Mighty Mouth and Soya were promoting new music on the music shows, and they got together on Music Bank for this special stage. So good! I say it every time, but Soya looks exactly the same, so pretty! This is one of my favorite KPop songs ever, it still makes me so happy. And I still do the dance every time I hear it lol.

source: MBCkpop, KBS WORLD, 1theK, SOURCE MUSIC, KBS KPOP & soompi
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