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something inside this heart has died

Down with largyngitis, YounHa is feeling better but no plans for resuming of activities yet

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Current status to singer YounHa, who is currently having her promotional activities on hold due to laryngitis, has been revealed.

An official said via phone interview with NewSen on 29th January, “Firstly she has feeling much better. She is feeling better, and can speak properly now.”

But it was known that while YounHa is feeling much better now, she will not be returning to broadcast activities as soon. The official said, “It will be hard for her to resume broadcast activities as soon. She is not in a condition where she can sing. For her to use her voice again, she needs to rest for a while more. Even though she is alright now, we want to watch her conditions for a while more.”
Meanwhile, YounHa is promoting the song ‘We Broke Up Today’ off her 3rd album ‘Growing Season.

source: sookyeong

get better soon bb.
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