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March Comeback And Debut Dates

There are many more comebacks, debuts, and new releases on the way in March!

See what’s coming up below.

March 16:
Hong Eun Ki releases his first solo mini album “UNDEFINABLE:LOVE” on March 16.

March 17:
gugudan’s Kim Sejeong shares her first solo mini album “Plant” on March 17.

March 18:
Stray Kids
releases their best of album “SKZ2020” on March 18, in both Korea and Japan.

March 21:
makes a return on March 21 with the mini album “Starry Night.”

March 24:
Kang Daniel
’s comeback will be on March 24 with the mini album “CYAN.”

ONEUS releases their new single “In Its Time” on that day.

March 25:
Ong Seong Wu
reveals his first mini album “Layers” on March 25.

March 26:
returns on March 26 with a comeback.

Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyon (H&D) are scheduled to release a mini album on March 26.

March 30:
EXO’s Suho
makes his solo debut with the mini album “Self-Portrait” on March 30.

Source: Soompi

who are you looking forward to?
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