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BTOB Yook Sungjae plans to enlist this year

BTOB’s Yook Sungjae is gearing up for his enlistment.

During the March 15 episode of “Master in the House,” Yook Sungjae surprised everyone by hinting that he plans to enlist this year.

In response to speculations following his comment on the variety show, Cube Entertainment stated on March 16, “As Yook Sungjae mentioned in ‘Master in the House,’ after finishing filming the new JTBC drama ‘Ssang Gap Pocha’ (romanized title), he is currently preparing to join the military within the year. However, no specific schedule has been made regarding his enlistment, and Yook Sungjae will have personal time for the time being.”

Yook Sungjae recently said goodbye to “Master in the House” along with actor Lee Sang Yoon. Through his Instagram account, he shared a photo with the cast as well as the following heartfelt message:

"The precious people who I have been with for two years. I was so happy, and although it was hard at times, I am able to look back on it as good memories. Even [BTOB’s fandom name] Melody acknowledged the best program “Master in the House.” “Master in the House” will become even more successful, so please give it lots of love! My hyungs, who I made good memories with, were my greatest masters. Long live “Master in the House”!"

Source: Soompi | Naver

My ultimate favorite person in kpop confirmed that he will enlist this 2020. I am shocked but not really surprised. He is a 1995 baby so he actually have 3 years more but he chose to serve early. I still feel like BTOB will have a complete lineup comeback this year and after that, Hyunsik and Sungjae (maybe Ilhoon too) will enlist. BTW, that last episode of Master in the House made me cry so much! Glad he finished filming his drama and completed a solo album so now he can focus on spending time with his family and friends before enlisting.
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