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JYP Entertainment Shares Update On Legal Measures Taken Against TWICE’s Nayeon’s Stalker

JYP Entertainment has provided an update on the restraining order and criminal complaints filed against a man who has been stalking TWICE’s Nayeon.

In January, Nayeon was approached by a stalker while boarding a plane in Japan. Following the incident, JYP Entertainment filed for a restraining order on the stalker and pressed criminal charges against him.

On March 18, a source from JYP Entertainment told Star today, “Nayeon has withdrawn the restraining order on her stalker. The restraining order is a civil matter. We withdrew [the order] due to problems with its delivery, and we will proceed with it again when [the stalker] arrives in Korea. We did not withdraw the criminal complaint for Interference with Business that is currently under a stay of proceedings. Measures have been taken so that when the stalker arrives in Korea, the Immigration Service will contact the police department in charge and have him taken directly from the airport.”

Sources: Soompi, Naver
Tags: court / legal issues, jyp entertainment, twice

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