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ASHLEY CHOI - 'Adulting' Series (Leaving Dorms + Finding a House)

Since Ladies' Code's 7-year-contracts with Polaris expired, the members of Ladies' Code (like any other disbanded idol group) have had to move out of the dorm. Ashley has been documenting this journey, which has been really interesting to see, since not a lot of idols have ever talked about or blogged extensively about this process. Ashley has been with Polaris for 9 years (trainee + debut) and has been dependent on them for living situations that entire time. Various acquaintances/friends of Ashley cameo in the videos, including the Ladies' Code members, youtuber soobeanie, and Blackpink's Rosé. Ashley talks about 'houses' a lot but it seems she's just looking at flats/apartments.

source: Ashley B Choi (2, 3)
Tags: ex-group members, ladies code, real estate

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