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Preview of Weki Meki for Elle Korea + interview highlights

left -> right: rina, elly, doyeon (top), yoojung (bottom), sei, lua, suyeon, lucy

Weki Meki shined in their breathtaking pictorial for the April issue of Elle magazine!

Having grown steadily with their powerful releases since their debut song “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend,” Weki Meki recently wrapped up promotions for “Dazzle Dazzle.”

They shared, “Out of all the title tracks, we think this one suited Weki Meki the most. Our charm is being cute and playful.” They also talked about their promotions saying, “It was a shame we couldn’t meet fans during promotions since music show broadcasts were held without audiences, but we were satisfied with the song.”

left: doyeon, right: lua, sei

With their recent comeback, Choi Yoojung also made her return following her hiatus due to health concerns. About her break, Choi Yoojung shared, “Having continuously ran since promotions for I.O.I to Weki Meki, I felt that I couldn’t keep up with my pace at one point. During the break, I spent time with people I’m close to, and I found a lot of stability.”

left: elly, rina, right: yoojung

Furthermore, Kim Doyeon, who has been promoting in diverse fields including acting, shared, “I was able to mature greatly through promotions for Weki Meki. Before debut, I was known for being weak mentally.”

On her trick to becoming stronger, she shared, “I endlessly repeat the question of what I’m most happy doing, and I think learning constantly is important, so I watch a lot of films and read a lot of books to try to ensure internal stability.”

left: lucy, right: suyeon

Weki Meki’s pictorial and interview for Elle magazine will be available in their April issue.

source: soompi via naver, elle korea
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