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About U's Victor fired from his group for breaking drum stick during Inkigayo, starts Youtube

About U's former drummer Victor has created a YouTube account with videos stating he was fired for breaking a drum stick on camera at the end of their performance on Inkigayo last week. SBS also removed his fancams.

The performance in question (jump to 3:02):

Translation of his first video:

"Hello, I was a trainee for 8 years and only on TV for 3 weeks. The reason I made a private YT channel? Because I got cut from my company. The reason I got cut from my company after 8 years of training and only 3 weeks of broadcasting? Please see for yourself. (Clip of him playing and breaking the drumstick.) I broke a drumstick, not a person's neck! So I've been banned from being on broadcast. Because I broke a drumstick, my neck also got broke...hahaha. My company rep pulled me to a room and told me I could no longer be with them. I thought I was on some kind of audition program! I couldn't tell my parents that I've been cut. If you're an acquaintance, please don't send this to my mom. I think I need to get 100k subscribers and at least get a Silver Button (Silver YT Plaque) before telling my mom."

And a rough translation with some summarization of his second and longer video on the subject:

"First minute recaps a lot of what was in the shorter video. He states that he was cut from the company for breaking the drumstick and was banned from being broadcast. He is speechless and dumbfounded by having 8 years of training disappear after 3 weeks because of such an act.

The company rep called me in and said I'm too unpredictable and violent. They worried about me doing random actions like ripping my shirt off on stage or standing up while drumming. Because of my unpredictability, they said they could no longer keep me on. I'm completely dumbfounded. Honestly I had plans to do things like take off my shirt or stand up while drumming for the future. But that's been blocked because of this incident.

I've joked in the past, "What if I have to go home after 8 years?" However, it really happened after just 3 weeks of broadcast. We ended our performance, did the ending stage, went back and took some photos for the cover, then I was pulled aside by a company rep.

I was so engrossed in the music and got emotional, so when the song ended I broke the drumstick. Some people commented "Were you touched by God? Were you weak?" I will say with certainty. I'm not a weak person. Im a strong dummer. That's how I was able to break the drumstick, because I'm strong.

Thank you for expressing interest in me as a drummer. I have many interests. I like playing the guitar, I like talking. I like composing. So I'll be posting that kind of content. For now, I just named my channel, "Drummer". I've been practicing/putting in the effort to put on cool performances that will meet my audiences's expectations. I'm not blaming you, but to cut me off just for breaking a stick...(Mom!! Sobs.)

An interlude to thank his former company and his former group mates. They're all nice people who helped him immensely up til now and he appreciates them. Personal remarks to members. Please give About U lots of love. (Some remark I didn't quite catch.)

The rest is about his plans for the channel. He'll cover some requested content like "Fiesta" and "Bouncy". Etc.

When I play, I play and do gestures like twirling my stick and such. I'd like to cover several songs too. So please leave comments and requests so I can read them. Etc."

His company, Corona X Entertainment, released the following statement:


This is Corona X Entertainment.

We would like to apologize sincerely for causing worry over the suspension of About U's member Victor from team activities.

We have tried our best to protect the celebrities of our company due to the relevant member's unexpected behavior.

However, the situation grew larger from personal lives to the point where it was hard to protect and if it continued, it would not only become dangerous for the members but also our staff.

After making the judgment that they could no longer continue promoting with the group, we are sorry to inform you that we have made a decision that was difficult even to us.

We would like to express our regret for the one-sided behavior in personal SNS at a time where it is important to continue our active promotions, and would like to inform you that the team's promotions are difficult, but their exclusive contract is still valid.

If cases of unexpected activities such as stated above causes disadvantages to the group, we are planning to take strong legal action against them.

About U will continue to promote as 3 members for the time being and we will continue to provide support to our artists so that they will be able to succeed in Korea and overseas, and we ask for everyone to give a lot of support.

Thank you."

He has since been posting some diverse content on Youtube including lots of drum covers and even a video where he pretends to be your boyfriend. Please enjoy his cover of Iz*one's "Fiesta":

Source: 스브스케이팝 / SBS KPOP | 드럼좌 - Victor the Drum Destroyer 1 via coffeencats 2 via coffeencats 3 4 | naver via randomneeess
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