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Happy 8th Anniversary BTOB!

BTOB is a kpop group from CUBE Entertainment. Composed of members Seo Eunwkang (leader), Lee Minhyuk, Lee Changsub, Im Hyunsik, Peniel Shin, Jung Ilhoon and Yook Sungjae (crazy maknae). They had their debut on MCountdown peforming "Insane" and "Imagine"

They were promoted as a dance group doing acrobatics on their pre-debut teaser and a lot of dancing.

The group released a lot of albums but with very little success. Then more than 3 years after their debut, BTOB made a bit of change in their music and focused on the groups stength which is their vocals. Releasing a series of ballads, it seems like BTOB finally found the formula that works for them. First is "It's OK"

Then after more than 3 years, BTOB finally got their first win with "Way Back Home".

BTOB became more popular and established a loyal fanbase in South Korea. The group became well-loved and known for being beagle-idols often chosen as the funniest kpop group.

Their biggest success came with the song "Missing You" which is noted as one of the longest charting kpop song in Melon (second to BTS "Spring Day"). "Missing You" also gave BTOB their most number of music show wins and further establishing them as a group who makes their own music led by members Hyunsik and Ilhoon.

BTOB is on semi-hiatus with 3 members serving in the military (17 days from now Eunkwang will be discharged) but the 4 other members has been releasing solo music, participating on variety shows and doing dramas (Sungjae's drama will start airing on May 20).

8 years. Wow. Its not yet too late to become a fan because BTOB promised to be together til they become granpas. You can watch the following and start being a fan:

Beat Com
BTOB: Reserved & Quiet Idols

SOURCES: BTOB on YouTube | MNET Kpop 1 | MNET Kpop 2 | KBS World | aaeghiioouvy

Happy 8th BTOB! Cheers! And Omona, which ones are your favorite BTOB moments or memories?
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